Sales & Distribution

Caladwich is dedicated to facilitating the successful capture and completion of federal contracts  for various government agencies. Our mission is to provide the government with high-quality, low-risk solutions to its procurement needs.

Supply Capabilities

We provide manufactured parts and supplies of the highest quality through strategic partnerships  with quality certified ISO 9001:2015 manufacturers. Component parts we have supplied to the  government include those designated for use in ground vehicles, weapon systems, airplanes, and  submarines. Together with our partners, we have a pattern of reliable and timely performance across a wide variety of industries.



Automotive & Electronics

Contract Management

We are a trusted government supplier with years of experience managing contracts for numerous government agencies including ongoing support for the DLA, DCMA, and DoD. In partnership  with an assortment of private companies, our contract administration experts ensure that all  contractor and manufacturer needs are fully understood and addressed in a manner that adds  maximum value and convenience for all parties involved.

Military Packaging Expertise

Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF/iRAPT)

Vendor Shipment Module (VSM)