Engineering, Facilities, and Construction Management

Facilities Management & Operation Support Services

Provide experienced Facilities Operations Managers to oversee and coordinate all facility operations support

Facility Management & Support Personnel
Our team offers experienced Property Managers, Field Service Engineers (FSE), Inventory Support Personnel and licensed technicians to optimize operations and continuously ensure workplace safety

Facilities Management Planning
Comprehensive, systematic planning including scheduling and coordinating preventative maintenance, inspection services, property management and inventory management services

Inspection, Testing & Repair Services

Provide professional, licensed technicians and mechanics to ensure inspection compliance and asset life cycle maximization

Inspection Services
We provide HVAC, Fire Suppression, and Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Services, Inspections on monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual basis in conjunction with local, state and federal regulations.

Remedial & Preventative Maintenance
Mechanic servicing, preventative maintenance on HVAC systems, MEP systems and Fire suppression systems

On-Call & Emergency Services
24/7 support to ensure continuous facility safety

Warehouse & Property Management

Provide warehouse storage facilities, equipment and support, inventory services and database management to optimize asset portfolios

Warehouse Management
Provide facilities, management & support personnel, inventory systems and cloud solutions for portfolio optimization

Property Management
Management of presale activities, acquisition/repair/disposal, product catalogue & database maintenance, administrative support, relocation services

Space Management & Relocation Services

Provide services to increase space functionality and enterprise efficiency

Facility & Office Relocation Services
Logistics oversight, planning & coordination of small and large-scale moves, disassembly, packaging, transportation & shipping, assembly

Space Management Planning & Professionals
We provide professional movers, architects, FSE Engineers, and CAD Drawings

Renovation, Remodel & Construction Management

Provide technical experience and logistical oversight to ensure all construction is completed within schedule, in accordance with local, state, and Federal regulations with quality craftsmanship

Project Management
Our team offers experienced, PMP-certified Project Managers, Site Superintendents, Constructing Project Schedulers, and Site Safety Health Officers to ensure construction is executed in an organized, streamlined and efficient manner

Renovation & Construction
Demolition, Flooring, Tiling, Ceiling, Drywall, Millwork, Painting, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Fire Suppression