Supply Chain and Logistics Management Consulting

Supply & Demand Planning

Predict and plan for future requirements using proprietary modeling and methodologies

Material Planning

Plan, schedule, and inventory all parts and components of major defense systems


Analyze trends to predict agency needs with accuracy

Supply Chain Control Tower

Development of required technology, organization, and processes to capture and use supply chain data and provide enhanced visibility for short-term and long-term decisions

Acquisitions & Category Management

Support procurement initiatives using data-driven approaches

Strategic Sourcing

Reduce costs, increase vendor pool, and drive operational efficiency and sourcing effectiveness

Acquisition Support

Support the acquisition lifecycle through requirements development, procurement, fielding, contract management, and sustainment

Category Management

Management of spend categories in accordance with OMB guidance to drive savings

Logistics and Inventory

Wall to Wall inventories, asset audits, data migration, and warehouse support

Inventory Management

Ordering, storing, monitoring, and using an agency’s inventory in a cost-effective manner

Asset Management

Creating systems to monitor and maintain items of value to the organization, including software licensing, equipment, and major end items


The how and where of planning and storing inventory and assets, using both owned and contracted space, in an efficient manner

Supply Chain Risk Management

Enterprise-level analysis based on commercial best practices and Federal standards


Continuous process improvement, value chain mapping, and cost-benefit analysis including evaluating supply chain technologies, implementation, and process integration

Operational Model Design

Define supply chain operation and evaluate interactions as a whole, including technology integration


Comply with mandates for a more resilient supply chain, including energy usage, disposition, and contracting mandates

Supply Chain Planning

Caladwich utilizes proprietary modeling and methodologies to simplify complex supply chain planning and forecasting

Data Identification

Identify the data and utilize it to build an accurate picture of the spend, including type, actual purchase, date, and source of funds

Data Cleansing

Support the acquisition lifecycle through requirements development, procurement, fielding, contract management, and sustainment

Model Forecasting and Automation

Establish an accurate picture of future spend through analysis, automation, and real-time modeling, including seasonal growth factors and market conditions